Our Process

  1. It All Starts with Education

    • In depth Retirement Planning Courses currently taught at eight college and community campuses throughout Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties
    • Weekly and monthly market updates
    • Ongoing continuing education opportunities
    • Client book and article reading assignments
    • Educational events for CPAs and attorneys regarding advanced planning concepts

  2. Get Organized for Financial Independence

    • State of the art tools to integrate your entire financial picture - making sense of how your investments, property, retirement accounts, business assets, spending and budgeting, just to name a few categories, will work together towards your goals
    • Getting an accurate and up to date picture on what you earn, spend, own and save
    • Maintain and monitor your balance sheet and cash flows

  3. Build a Roadmap to Unlock Your Best Life

    • Your pre and post retirement budget and income plan
    • Sensible strategies for retirement savings and spending
    • Maximizing tax efficiency
    • Planning for milestone events - e.g. weddings, asset purchases and sales, business transitions, etc.

  4. Investing for Long Term Success

    • Construct an investment strategy that matches your lifestyle and financial goals
    • Utilize techniques to increase income certainty and reduce risk, while pursuing long term returns
    • Gain access to unique opportunities for Accredited and Qualified Investors

  5. Rounding Out Your Plan

    • Defined Benefit and Cash Balance plans for high income business owners and independent contractors
    • Managing risk via comprehensive insurance planning
    • Strategies for funding college for children or grandchildren
    • Defining, protecting and enhancing your family legacy